Klaus Stanjek

...documentary director, producer, film professor

Born in Germany in 1948; studied psychology and biology with emphasis on anthropology; travelled across Europe, Africa, Asia, North- and South America; 1974-79 engaged in crosscultural research at the Institute Max-Planck, received his Ph.D. in 1979.
Studied documentary film from 1979 - 83 at the Munich film academy; became teacher of documentary, film techniques and aesthetics and conducted courses in Munich, Leipzig, Bolzano, Colombo, Addis Ababa, and Beijing. Own production company “CINETARIUM” since 1983. Since 1993 professor for Documentary Directing at the Film Academy “Konrad Wolf” of Potsdam - Babelsberg (HFF). He conducted international workshops on documentary like the “Visions Project” with films students of 14 european academies. Member of various juries and selection commitees. Research projects and publications on documentary cinema. Recently he installed a cooperative film workshop with the iranian film academy “Sooreh-University”-

He directed and produced various documentary films about Counter Culture, about critical aspects of capitalism, about ecological and social questions.


HFF Potsdam
Haus des Dokumentarfilms

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